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Print FinishingPosted by Nick Sat, February 02, 2013 22:25:41
Our folding machines have been busy this week folding leaflets and sections for our Muller Martini, we have also been gate folding and spine gluing. Spine gluing is a great alternative to saddle stitching especially if the book is to be used by children or with food products were the metal stitch may cause an issue, it can also be cheaper to produce a spine glued book than a saddle stitched book.

We have also been busy print finishing on the Muller Martini stitching line with jobs including an 8pp endorsed to DL and 15,000 A5's 16pp shrink wrapped on line in 25's.

Its an early start again on monday with work already in for finishing. On the guillotine first and then folding and stitching.

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